About Us

Timeline360 and Relylocal are teaming up to provide it’s members with a unique video service, a DIY video service.

Why Chose Us?

  • You’ll get a high definition (Full HD) MP4 video, designed by some of the best video animators.
  • Your video will be produced with Adobe After Effects, the best video production software.
  • Your video will be based on a customizable template that uses advanced graphics and special effects.
  • It’s easy. Just pick a template and customize the video online. It’s Free to make a preview video.

TimeLine360 is a full service Video Production Multimedia Company for Milwaukee, Racine and Waukesha Wisconsin. Since 2000, we has been producing, and delivering quality videos, multimedia presentations, trade show video and web videos. We take pride in our production process to help you meet your business goals and vision.

We offer Greater Milwaukee area businesses professional video production services. We will work with you from concept to delivery and everything in between, we can write, shoot, edit and package your project to meet the needs of your company. Video is the most cost effective method of informing and motivating current and potential customers and clients.

  • We can create a video for your mobile website or other needs and make your product or service come to life.
  • We offer High Def and Standard Definition video production for all your video needs from shooting on location to digital video editing.
  • We can create your final project to DVD, Blu-Ray, or any digital file format to fit your needs at an affordable rate. We can also duplicate your video production or compress it to Media Player, QuickTime, H264 and YouTube formats.

We will work hard to meet your needs and budget and to provide the best service on time.

It’s a concept that has worked for us for over 15 years.

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